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Through Penetration Firestopping & Acoustical Sealing

California Building Code Section 714 requires all through penetrations into Fire-resistance-rated assemblies to be protected by an approved penetration firestop system installed as tested in accordance with ASTM E814 or UL 1479 with a minimum positive pressure differential of 0.01 inch of water and to have an F rating of not less than the required fire-resistance rating of the wall penetrated.

Unprotected penetrations in fire-rated assemblies compromise their fire-resistance ratings , allowing the spread of fire and smoke.  Listed and tested firestop assemblies are used to seal penetration openings in fire-rated walls or floor assemblies thereby restoring the original integrity of the assemblies.

Unprotected penetrations in acoustically rated wall assemblies increase the ability of sound to transfer from one compartment to another. An acoustical seal at a penetration helps to maintain the STC value of an assembly thereby minimizing the transfer of sound and smoke.

Head-Of- Wall/Bottom-Of-Wall Joint Firestopping & Acoustical Sealing

California Building Code Section 715.1 requires Joints installed in or between fire-resistance-rated walls, or floor/ceiling assemblies and roofs or roof/ceiling assemblies to be protected by an approved fire-resistant joint system designed to resist the passage of fire for a time period not less than the required fire-resistance rating of the wall, floor or roof in or between which the system is installed.

Head-Of-Wall and Bottom-Of-Wall listed and tested assemblies intended for the specific use and movement criteria of the wall will effectively compartmentalize fire, smoke and harmful gases and prevent their spread.


CMU Wall Joint Firestopping

Same requirements Of California Building Code section 715.1 apply to both Gypsum board and CMU walls. All joints in CMU Fire-resistance-rated assemblies are to be protected by an approved Joint firestop system tested in accordance with CBC section 715.3.

Curtain Wall/ Slab Edge

California Building Code Section 714.5 requires voids created at the intersection of the exterior curtain wall assemblies and required fire-resistance rated floors or floor/ceiling assemblies to be sealed with an approved system to prevent the interior spread of fire. Such systems is required to be securely installed and tested in accordance with ASTM E2307 to provide an F rating for a time period not less than the fire-resistance rating of the floor assembly. Height and fire-resistance requirements for curtain wall spandrels to comply with Section 705.8.5.

Barrier Labeling / Stenciling

We provide our customers with Barrier maintenance programs that include Fire barrier Labeling/Stenciling Services.


California Building Code Section 202 defines T rating as the time period that the penetration firestop system, including the penetrating item, limits the maximum temperature rise to 325°F (163°C) above its initial temperature through the penetration on the nonfire side when tested in accordance with ASTM E814 or UL 1479.  T rating is required in horizontal assemblies through penetrations per CBC 714.4.1.2.

Barrier Management

Maintaining fire and life safety systems is crucial to protecting the people in any facility. Staying current with code requirements and keeping up with inspection due dates can be overwhelming. Firestoppers, Inc. is your one stop shop for timely, compliant fire barrier maintenance in the healthcare, education, commercial office and hospitality industries.

Our Barrier management services include:

  • Firestopping.
  • Barrier Labeling/Stenciling.
  • Fireproofing Patching.
  • Fire Damper Inspections & Documentation.
  • Fire Door Inspections.

Third Party Inspections

We have a full staff of IFC certified firestopping inspectors for all your Third-party inspection needs. 


We are available to assess your current barrier conditions and provide you with cost effective ways to bring them up to compliance.

Maintenance Program

We provide our customers with quarterly or semiannually maintenance programs to maintain their barriers and additional fire and life safety requirements of the facilities.

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap is a certified shaft alternative 1- and 2-hour fire-rated duct wrap for use with grease ducts to ASTM E 2336 (including ASTM E119 engulfment) in 2-layer systems and for use with ventilation ducts to ISO 6944 in 1-layer systems and for other key life safety duct applications.